Lunch at AppleTree

Lunch is prepared daily at AppleTree Academy, along with a variety of healthy snacks to keep little minds and bodies nourished.

Below is a  two-week sample of lunch menus.



Miss Wawa P.
Food Preparation Food Preparation & Floater Teacher

Miss Wawa has been working at AppleTree since 2007. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Nutrition at Bradley, and she has over 10 years of experience in childcare. Miss Wawa says that all the silly things the children do and say make working at AppleTree so much fun. When she isn’t having fun at AppleTree she can be found having fun shopping.

Miss Stacey Seei
Food Preparation Owner/Food Preparation

Hanna Compton and Stacey Seei, owners of AppleTree Academy were both former teachers for ten years each prior to opening the center. Hanna and Stacey saw a need for a more family friendly center with a return to the basics in regard to curriculum. Being locally owned opens up many advantages to our families including input on curriculum, activities and the general operation of the center.