Our preschool (25-36 months) program provides a play-based curriculum that introduces structure, independence, socialization, and self help skills.  The teachers at AppleTree Academy provide guidance in the introduction of language, literacy, math, art, music, science, and large motor activities.  AppleTree Academy uses developmentally appropriate practices concurrent with state and educational guidelines to emphasize cognitive development, emotional self-regulation, positive socialization skills, and burgeoning independence.

Communication Junction: Sign and Play Class

Classes meet weekly for 8 weeks and are designed for children 3-36 months and their caregivers. Sign and Play Classes focus on vocabulary relevant to your child that will help you communicate on a daily basis. Four classes are offered for this age group: What Is Your Baby Thinking (beginning signers), Sign As You Grow (experienced signers), ABC Signs (18 months+), Number Signs (18 months+) and Color Signs (15 months+).  It is not an additional cost!

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