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At AppleTree Academy, our teachers are experienced professionals, trained to guide your child’s emotional and intellectual development.  To maintain a high level of professionalism, AppleTree Academy provides regular, continuing education training for all our teachers and staff. In every classroom, lead teachers direct your child’s daily experience of educational play and learning. 

Our lead teachers are your primary partners in guiding your child’s attainment of an independent, self-confident, creative and inquisitive appreciation of the world.  Your child will be cared for, instructed by and interact primarily with their classroom’s lead teacher and their classroom’s assistant teachers throughout the day. Your child benefits significantly from teacher-student relationships that such consistency provides. 

AppleTree Academy uses the Preschool Observation Checklist and Evaluation Tool (Creative Curriculum) to appraise children’s cognitive, social, and physical developmental progress. The Creative Curriculum system involves six easy steps to monitor, evaluate, and document each child’s growth and progress. The result is an individualized portfolio for your child used to determine appropriate instructional material and practices, according to their individual stage of development. 

Child with a ball playing outside.