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Infants, Wobblers & Toddlers

  • An infant may start our program at 6 weeks
  • The teachers at AppleTree provide constant love and affection, and the highest level of care is always the expectation
  • Teachers enhance the children’s language, sensory skills and development daily
  • Your toddler is encouraged daily by being given structured activities, ones they can accomplish themselves, helping them gain confidence
  • 4:1 student-teacher ratio (Infants)
  • 5:1 student-teacher ratio (Toddlers)
Infant smiling and laying down.

Infants, Wobblers & Toddlers Classes

Children learning sign language with a teacher.

Sign & Play Class

Use sign language to connect with your child while promoting early communication and language development on a daily basis.  American Sign Language vocabulary is taught to help your child express their wants, needs, and thoughts before they’re able to verbally communicate. 

  • Classes meet weekly and will focus on theme-based vocabulary (using American Sign Language) including movement, literacy, and hands-on learning opportunities
  • Children will learn signs for animals, ABC’s, colors, counting, shapes, and much more.
  • Many children in these classes are already talking, signs are used as a tool to introduce new concepts and vocabulary.